Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remembering Last Halloween

Last year at this time a small battle ensued in our household. My then 11 year old son was starting to feel that he was too old to go Trick or Treating. Say what?! Uhhmmm - no. Mom wants to go therefore you will go! (I swear I'd make him ToT 'til he turned 40 if I really had any say.)

He wasn't opposed to getting in costume, he was just feeling older than his years, but when he realized other friends were going he changed his tune. Nevertheless I knew this was likely it. My last year chasing behind a group of rowdy boys decked out in their frightful finery. I'd been trick or treating for over 18 years with my kids but this was it. The final chapter. ::sigh::

I savored every second of last year's Halloween night. I took my time traveling up and down Highland Street, trailing far behind my charges. Located in the historic district, most every house for 3-4 blocks participates by decorating and handing out treats. Hundreds of kids ran up and down sidewalks, leaves crunching under their feet. The sounds of children's laughter amidst squeals of delight while adults, some even in costume, weaved around the throngs of little ones.... It's a thing of beauty.

Once Gabe (the son in question) got onboard with trick or treating he went about designing his garb. He decided on an evil clown. He went through all of my catalogs but could find nothing satisfactory. So he moved on to my BFF Google and began printing out ideas. Then one day he came to me and presented his design. It was a combination of three different costumes - none of them store-bought. (I brought him up right!)

Now it was my turn to make it come together. This was the recipe:

Foam clown mask
Spirit gum
Colored contacts
Mini top hat
Jeans (ha! that was easy)
Goth boots
And one very important thing....

He was adamant about having a vintage band jacket. This meant I'd better score one in his size on Ebay (unlikely) or bust out the sewing machine (even more unlikely). We got lucky and found the perfect one on Ebay. I had to fight for it but we prevailed. (Bidders on Ebay really shouldn't mess with Halloween fanatics.)

So, here's Gabe on last Halloween. At least we went out with a bang!

P.S. I'm in charge of Trunk Or Treat so I'm not giving up hope. I still plan to wrestle him into costume this year - even if he won't go trick or treating.

Haunt on!


  1. My...that IS remarkably creepy. :)

    Good mom.

  2. Love the costume, incredible job.

    As for missing the trick or treating, I know whatcha mean. After the last of my boys had outgrown it, hubby and I just started a yard haunt - who needs kids anyways?!?


  3. That's a wicKED clown. I went straight from Trick Or Treating to Yard Haunting/big production haunting. I do miss the thrill of TOT :( especially the way you describe it.

  4. *sniff*

    Man, I don't even want to think about the day that I won't be able to go trick or treating...

  5. I feel for you, that's a tough age, lots of peer pressure to go grow up and leave "kid stuff" behind. Don't worry he will revisit Halloween when he has his own little ghouls. In the meantime keep it fun for yourself, your son will love you for it.

  6. Clowns do not normally bother me....but that one is giving me all kinds of flashbacks to that one time in band camp :D

    Awesome costume!!! My hat is off to my my dear!



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