Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jekyll, Hyde, NYC and the holidaze

So, long time no see huh? Yes, yes - I realize we've been MIA so let me get you up to speed. First off Tracy is in retail at a major department store so currently she's sitting in a corner somewhere drowning herself into a margarita coma mumbling something about killing Santa in his sleep.

As for me I've been busy, busy. The hubby and I took a quick trip to NYC right before Christmas (yeah, like we had time to fit that in). We took in the windows at Saks and Macys (worth it), ate at Tavern on the Green (ok, but over-rated) and saw Jersey Boys (highly recommended). But - my main goal while in the Big Apple was to drop by the Jekyll and Hyde Club so I could give you all a quick review.

First off the Club was easy to spot. They had their creepy Cadillac out front and the exterior is impressive - it just beckons you to enter. I stood in an open parking space to snap these pics. (I took my life in my own hands people so I hope you appreciate it.) .

At the door stood two ghoulish figures who seemed to pay no-never-mnind to me as I snapped pics. When I was done they still ignored me so I asked if they were serving to which the butler replied "We aren't but they are inside". Ahhhh a comedian! Ok, then "Do you have room?" His response, "Only for one of you." Sorry hubby - you're on your own.

He shuffled us in the front doors into a small entry type hallway. The lights flickered and dimmed and he put on his best character voice to inform us that we would have to be deemed worthy to enter. A video screen awoke behind us and a Crypt Keeper style character taunted us for a bit while the ceiling above us appeared to slowly descend upon us. (Hmmm - Disney Haunted Mansion anyone?)

After passing the test we were ushered in on the first floor to the hostess who told us we would need to go up one flight to the Library. We were seated immediately (it was about 1:30 in the afternoon) so that was good.

Our table was directly over top of a golden Zeus statue that would come to life every so often. We had a perfect view of the stage below where the mad doctor would bring his monster creation to life. A band of zombie skeletons played songs and we were entertained throughout our stay by a cast of characters. Our favorite was the joke cracking gargoyle who decended from above.

The library (second floor) is lined with "books" and you'll be hard pressed to find the bathrooms which are hidden behind the bookcases. Good thing I didn't need to go. The atmosphere was perfectly creepy but let's get to the purpose of the visit - to eat!

This is pretty much your standard fare - hamburgers, sandwiches, etc. We were asked if we wanted to purchase one of their collectible mugs (for $6 a pop) which would give us free refills. We bit so we ended up with two of those. We each ordered a hamburger with fries and mozzerella sticks appetizer. It took a while for the food to arrive despite the fact that they were not packed and had plenty of staff. That was fine as we enjoyed the animatronic entertainment. However, when we were done it took forever to get our bill. Now, here's the kicker - our bill with tax and tip (2 burgers, fries, cheese sticks and two collectible mugs) was [insert drum roll here] $76!! (That does not include the hat and tee I bought on the way out through their gift shop.)

Now to be fair we knew that before we got the tab. There is a $3 entertainment fee per person tacked on which may seem a bit steep but I know it takes some dough to have this kind of establishment in NYC and animatronics don't come cheap.

All in all I recommend it if you go for the creep factor. The food is mediocre at best and the service is fair. Kids will do fine here as it's not overly scary. Just expect to pay for the privilage.

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