Monday, July 6, 2009

Dark Destiny

In this life both of us are the quintessential "soccer" mom (though neither of us have children that play soccer). We're married with the standard 2.5 children (Tracy has three, I have two - do the math). We work, taxi kids, cook meals, do laundry, etc., etc. Yet we're drawn to the darker side. Perhaps an escape from a routine that revolves around things mundane?

I love cemeteries - always have. What is morbid and eerie to some seems utterly peaceful to me. Wandering around a cemetery reading headstones curious as to how these souls lived and died probably would give some (cough *husband* cough) reason to have me committed. But I figure since I'll spend more time below ground than above it I might as well get familiar. As they say, memento mori.

Time does not always allow an on site cemetery excursion but there are plenty of resources online. Several months ago I stumbled upon Dark Destiny. I must warn you before you visit - if you love old cemeteries you can waste some serious time at this site.

Quote from the site:

...To the uninitiated a Cemetery conjures up images of almost identical headstones set out in symmetrical rows, for the modern day Cemetery this wouldn't be too far from the truth.

But step back through time to the Victorian age and you'll find vast gardens of the dead. Mausoleums, tombs and catacombs aplenty, still shelter thousands of ornate coffins with their Victorian inhabitance over a century into their eternal slumber...

(Gardens of the dead?! OMG - I think I just drooled on my keyboard!)

Loaded with photos of tombstones from over 20 cemeteries in England, including the Magnificent Seven, it's a visual delight. You can even download a photo slide show from most of the locations. In addition to the photos there is a history on each cemetery, stories on any myths associated with the location, notables buried at the cemetery and what bus to take if you're so fortunate to visit in person.

Whether your passion is cemeteries in general or if you need a little tombstone inspiration for your haunt this site can not be missed. But - don't blame us if you get lost and don't remerge for several hours.


  1. Oh how I love the old Victorian Cemeteries! I find them SO beautiful. And it makes me so sad when I see plain flat fields here in the states with row upon row of generic, blah headstones. No trees, no vegetation, no artistic qualities or ambiance. Bah! These are great...thanks for posting. I love High Gate Cemetery especially, but I'd be at home and happy in any of them! :o)

  2. I too could settle in nicely in any of these cemeteries, Wendy. ;)


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