Thursday, July 2, 2009


As I've said before I'm addicted to youtube (and hulu) but I found another vid site that is my new best friend - Now you may think I do nothing more than sit around all day, popping candy corn and watching vids but truth be told I only get the time to induldge this addiction in batches.

A recent vid watching frenzy on howcast unearthed these fun Halloween bits.

Plagued by the undead? Well follow the tips in this vid to rid yourself of those pesky vampires once and for all!

Maybe it's because it's so freaking hot here but this vid on how to do fx frozen makeup caught my eye. This would be great on a corpse in a meat locker type setting.

Man, all this vid watching made me thristy! This last vid shows you how to impress your Halloween guests with a Flaming Zombie drink.


  1. Great advice....all around. I did not know I was getting educated today!!

    Flaming Zombie drinks are on the menu for my next party!!

    Glad to have you back!!


  2. We really must get together sometime over Flaming Zombies. If I had known it was that easy to fire up my drinks I'd have been doing it already ;)


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