Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Drink Up

I love dirty vodka martinis and beer. There. Now you know what to buy me next time we run into each other in a bar.

The alcohol industry has to be one of the most creative when it comes to ads. I mean who doesn't look forward to the Budweiser commercials at Super Bowl? They never miss an opportunity to entice you to include their brand at your next St Patricks Day party, Christmas gathering or New Year's celebration. Halloween is also among their target holidays.

Sometimes I hate the brand but love the advertising gimic. Several years ago I conned a local liquor store into selling me their Coors Light inflatable pumpkins. (Bleech - Coors Light!) I also convinced them to part with this full size Miller Lite Halloween standee:

Our game room is decked out to the gills in advertising for this particular vice but I'm always on the lookout for more. During a recent scout about the web I stumbled into Smashing Apps and found some wonderful Heineken ads. I like Heineken beer but I really love these ads. (If you know where I can get copies of these in print let me know!)

UPDATE: Shadows sent us links to two more of the Heineken posters we hadn't seen so we're adding them here. Thank you Shadows!


  1. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/86/224856188_c08c6b8c45_o.jpg


    Tried to find the posters. No go. =(

  2. Ooohhhhhhh! Thank you, thank you Shadows! The more of these I see the more I want them!


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