Thursday, July 7, 2011

Revisiting Fun With Monsters

Remember this post? Well, I spent a few minutes tonight assembling my happy little monsters into their new frames.

The monsters masks were printed on card stock paper in the highest DPI my printer could handle, and then I cut them out. I wanted to raise the pictures away from the background just a bit so I put Sticky Doos on the back of the paper masks.

The frames are scrapbook frames which feature a black velvet background so I just stuck the masks on the background.

So simple even a zombie could do it.

I love the look and can't wait to hang them up in my office - once I locate some more wall space.

Haunt on!


  1. Those look great. Reminds me that I still have my boxes of Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry that I need to frame.

  2. The monster cereal boxes will look great framed. No pressure but I look forward to seeing the completed project. :)


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