Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get The Hell Out Of The Way Barbie!

Being a girlie ghoul, I fondly remember playing with dolls while growing up. You may (or may not) recall that our second post here had to do with some vintage dolls I scored at a friend's auction. Well, ghoulies, this ain't your childhood Barbie doll we're talking about today!

Over the past several years there's been a movement afoot bringing to life a whole new genre of dolls - the creepy kind. Maybe it started with the Living Dead Dolls or Chucky from Child's Play but now the creepy doll selection is bursting at the seams.

About five years ago I had the good fortune to stumble upon Zosomoto on ebay, aka Jodi Cain of I just had to have one of her hand stitched rag dolls and managed to snag this little wicked witch.

Another of my favorite creators of creepiness is Kerry Kate of October Effigies. She makes the most amazing stump dolls. She even has a Jill Tracy version (refer to previous blog entry). Her other creations include corset dolls, rag dolls and the Opium Poppy doll among others.

I recently stumbled upon Jade Perez's New Age Dolls. Below is her Nurse Betty creation. I can imagine a character like Nurse Betty overseeing the patients in an asylum - she's that creepy!

I'm only scratching the surface of the creepy doll artists out there but I want to squeeze in a couple of doll inspired creations.

Check out this baby doll bits and pieces rack created for the 2008 Design*Sponge DIY contest. Someone out there is totally twisted (and we so love it!).

And for the truly over-the-top creepy doll project check out this collection of Toddlerpede's on Inventor Spot. This one is sure to give me a few nightmares!

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