Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Halloween Has Gone to the Dogs (and Cats)

I've been called a witch plenty of times. Yet, I have no black cat. In fact, I have no cat at all. That is my best and only arguement.

I am, however, the owner of one pathetic, lazy and absolutely spoiled beagle by the name of Newman. Newman hails from North Carolina. My oldest son and husband found him online on a Humane Society website and he was about to be put down.

Enter mom - the savior of beagles named Newman in NC. Because my "boys" were absolutely set on having this particular dog I called the Humane Society and inquired about getting this dog to Kansas. Let me tell you, this was no easy feat.

First of all, Newman needed to be "fixed". (Ya know, the whacking off of his maleness.) $$ [cha ching].
Then I had to purchase a crate. $$ [cha ching]
Then I had to purchase a plane ticket, but animals can only fly in cargo and it was summer and it was hot so the flight had to be in at night. $$ [cha ching]
Then I would have to drive to the airport and hour and a half away to retrieve him. $$ [cha ching]

So, the night of Newman's scheduled midnight arrival I packed my then 6 year old son into the car at 10pm and off we went. To pick up his new dog.

It was a dark and stormy night. No - really it was. There were some terrible lightening storms and my hubby was calling every 10 minutes to see if we were ok. (freak)

We arrived on time only to find that the flight was delayed due to storms. The flight would be in around 2 am. Ok, back to the car to listen to the radio and rest a bit.

2am - no flight - no dog. Flight has been diverted....to Dallas/Fort Worth. Back to the car.
3am - no flight - no dog. Flight was actually diverted to....Houston. Back to the car.
5am - the eagle, errr, beagle has landed!!

Our family loves this mutt and, as far as I can tell, other than the ability to do absolutely nothing useful - he is without fault. (Here's the mutt, without costume and few years younger)

And here are some pets decked out in their Halloween garb:

Check out the animals in costume at Joe-Ks. com. These hot dogs were somewhat predictable but too damn cute to ignore:

Even a white kitty will look wicked with this witchy cat costume found on TheCat'sMeow:

Snuzzy.com offered two great pets in costume. A miniature version of Harry Potter's Fluffy and a puny pirate:

If you have a pet with an attitude that won't let you dress him up then pop over to Feline Fido Pet Designs and pick him up a festive Halloween collar. We also found a great selection of doggie costumes and collars at Trendy Puppy.

Hmmm Newman may be getting a makeover.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Surf, Sun and Sand

I don't know about your location but here it's hotter than Dante's seventh level of Hell. We get excited if the temperature is going to stay in the "cooler" 90s.

My youngest sister sent me an email the other day that showcased some amazing sand sculptures. I suppose she was surfing the web in an effort to stay cool (no waves for surfing here in Kansas). Always thinking in the Halloween mode I wondered if anyone had taken the opportunity to combine this art form with Halloween. Needless to say, I was not disappointed:

This first one (posted by serakatie on flickr) is Charlie Brown's Snoopy resting on a pumpkin:

Next up everyone's favorite vampire, Dracula (found on TravelPod.com)

Here's a couple of cool skeleton sculptures we found. The first one was posted by alabax on flickr

This one came up in a google image search:

And finally, a Hellraiser's PinHead sculpture found at Oddee.com:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time Flies

Marsha: Hey, don't we have a blog we should be working on?
Tracy: I forgot - do we have a blog?
Marsha: I'm pretty sure we do.
Tracy: Crap! We suck!
Marsha: Indeed!

What can we say? Time flies.

Anywhooooo....we're working on getting back with the program here. Oh we haven't been ignoring Halloween but we've been dreadful about posting any new stuff. While we've been away I've been spending many hours in my son's car while he tries to bang out the hours needed to graduate from learner's permit to restricted. Listen carefully, if you are on the road anywhere in Kansas run for cover. I do not, repeat do not have a safety break on my side of the car.

Well, he is his mother's son. He likes to exceed the speed limit and has the stereo at moc 10. Lucky for me we like the same music. He recently pulled out the Apocalyptica cd and had it playing on one of our drives. If you're not familiar, these guys are a Finnish metal cello band. You probably know "I Don't Care" that features Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace but skip ahead a few tracks to number 11. The track is titled "Peace" and has a wonderfully eerie tone that could be worked into any haunt.

Peace out!
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