Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Ghoulie Girl Goes Shopping

This morning I found a bit of free time on my hands which is ubber rare. I decided it was the perfect time to drop in on one of my favorite local boutiques, The Market Shop, to peruse their Halloween offerings.

I came home with a few things. I plan to go back for more but for the sake of Mr Ghoulie's sanity I try to keep my Halloween shopping in small doses.

Today I picked up this dapper skeleton flour sack towel. Mr Ghoulie hates it when I buy decorative towels. He simply cannot understand why a towel cannot be used. I simply cannot understand why he can't understand that.

I also grabbed five of these little pumpkins. Very inexpensive and I love the way they did curly stems. Mr Ghoulie will not understand why I need more pumpkins. I say I always need more pumpkins.

Last I grabbed Hubert the ghost. He's so cute, in a creepy way. I love his little tuft of hair and the way he sits. He looks more scared than scary. Again, Mr Ghoulie will shake his head and roll his eyes. I say it's these quirky little obsessions of mine that make him love me. (If I tell him that often enough he will eventually believe it!)

This weekend I'm working on the to-do list for the Halloween season. I hope everyone in Ghoulieland is enjoying this last holiday weekend before Halloween.

Haunt on!
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