Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Ghoulie Girl Goes Shopping

This morning I found a bit of free time on my hands which is ubber rare. I decided it was the perfect time to drop in on one of my favorite local boutiques, The Market Shop, to peruse their Halloween offerings.

I came home with a few things. I plan to go back for more but for the sake of Mr Ghoulie's sanity I try to keep my Halloween shopping in small doses.

Today I picked up this dapper skeleton flour sack towel. Mr Ghoulie hates it when I buy decorative towels. He simply cannot understand why a towel cannot be used. I simply cannot understand why he can't understand that.

I also grabbed five of these little pumpkins. Very inexpensive and I love the way they did curly stems. Mr Ghoulie will not understand why I need more pumpkins. I say I always need more pumpkins.

Last I grabbed Hubert the ghost. He's so cute, in a creepy way. I love his little tuft of hair and the way he sits. He looks more scared than scary. Again, Mr Ghoulie will shake his head and roll his eyes. I say it's these quirky little obsessions of mine that make him love me. (If I tell him that often enough he will eventually believe it!)

This weekend I'm working on the to-do list for the Halloween season. I hope everyone in Ghoulieland is enjoying this last holiday weekend before Halloween.

Haunt on!

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  1. Ahh...lucky you! I LOVE Halloween shopping! I try to go out as often as I can between August and November because there is always new things coming and going. I laughed at your husband...mine is pretty much the same way. However, he has pretty much given up, and given in, to my Halloween obsession. I'm sure he had hoped at some point, years ago, that it was just a passing phase, but I'm pretty certain he knows now that it clearly was not! I even send him out now to scope out stores and have him send me photos so I can determine if it's worth my time to make the trip. He's a good man! I love your towel and ghostie too! Enjoy your weekend! :o)


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