Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prepare to be blogged

Fifteen years ago we hosted our first Halloween party. I still remember sitting on the living room floor with tiny ghost invitations filling them all out by hand. We painstakingly planned a haunted menu, bought books and magazines for inspiration and we scavenged every shop in town for spooky decorations. We agonized over every detail of our scavenger hunt and sewed our fingers to the bone on our costumes. We had a great time but as they say - we've come a long!

Today the Halloween parties are more elaborate and have grown to the point that they can no longer be held at home. It's not unusual for a past guest to ask "When's the party and what's the theme?" so they can get it on their calendar and start planning their costumes. Nothing is more exciting than knowing people look forward to the annual event.

We love the season and there's rarely a conversation between us where Halloween is not brought up. We thought a blog would be the perfect fit to share our obsession with other Ghoulies.

And so it begins...

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