Saturday, August 6, 2011

Getting a Little Bang Out of Your Halloween Buck

I took the opportunity to get out today to see how local retailers were coming along with their Halloween offerings. I'm sorry to report that, at least here anyway, things are slow going.

Dollar Tree had made a tiny bit of progress having added some very small crows. These little guys stand a tad over 4" tall and are approximately 7 1/2" long. Available in three poses, they have the standard wire coming out of the bases of the foot. Only the back and the top of the head has feathers. The rest of the body is a black material similar to a cheap, thin, scratchy velvet. (Sorry can't think of what to call it.) These will be getting a make-over but they are pretty good as they are when you factor in the price.

Next up I also snagged two lenticulars. The frames on these are crap. I'm not even sure you can call them frames. Thin, black plastic with silver (gold also available) accenting. The "frames" are 8"x10" so the lenticulars are about 5"x7". (Again, only a dollar each so I'm not really complaining. Really - I'm not!) I only grabbed them because they too are getting a make-over. Four styles to choose from - two with guys and two with girls. I didn't grab the girls because I really didn't care for either of those.

I also grabbed the bat silhouettes which I swear were not there on my previous visit. They had one package left. They will be put to good use as is.

I also popped into Dollar General. They had out Halloween candy but their seasonal aisles were still loaded with summer stuff.

And so, Ghoulies, the wait continues....

Haunt on!


  1. Y'know, I talk Hallowe'en to the husband and friends and they all laugh at me for planning in August and then I read my haunt blogs and I feel like I'm SO far behind! Glad to have you posting so I can continue just being the freak that I am...

  2. You go ahead and get your Halloween freak on Faith! We're with you!

    I'm sitting here right now jamming out to Queen while scanning a skeleton into photoshop. My hubby is just shaking his head. I figure if he isn't looking at me like I've lost my mind then I'm doing something wrong ;)


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