Sunday, August 7, 2011

Halloween Dictionary

I have a rather strange affection for vintage dictionaries. Whenever I come across one I just have to thumb through it - and likely buy it.

I own several and not because I feel the need to look up definitions or anything. I grab them because I think that the old pages will be great in projects. I'm a book lover so it takes a bit of determination for me to even get to the point of ripping out pages, but it beats the burn pile.

The dictionaries I tend to pick up feature neat old graphics so I thought I'd share a few with you today. Hopefully you can work them into a haunted project or two.

The following graphics are from a 1909 dictionary:

I do not have a confirmed date for this one:

If you need help with the images let me know. Oh and if you use them in a project I'd love to see it!

**DISCLAIMER: Some sources in my collection are missing covers or otherwise void of copyright information/publishing dates/title, etc. That's not to say that the images I'm sharing today are in the public domain. I pulled two that I know were prior to 1923 and one that I believe to be based on the info I could find. So, consider yourself warned - best to only use these in personal projects, resale at your own risk. 

Haunt on!

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  1. I LOVE old dictionaries too....the pages are great for so many things! Thanks you for sharing these images!



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