Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lowes Halloween Low Down

I was in Lowe's last weekend with the hubby. I was on a mission to get a few things for house projects but was immediately distracted upon entering the store as they had begun setting their Halloween merchandise.

Is it just me or does Lowes almost exclusively carry Gemmy?

Anywho...there was a large airblown inflatable spider who's head moved from side to side, a cackling - but otherwise static - witch and assorted other things. I did snag one item, the Geo Strobe. I don't think it's new to the market but I didn't have one and God knows I really should have one of everything. Right??

Here's the scoop:

"Puts on a flashing light show. Uses 15 LEDs. Plays pre-programmed sequences or responds to sound activation. Requires 4 AA batteries."

It features red, green and blue LEDs. Cost $9.99. I thought it would be kind of fun even though I don't have any particular idea of exactly how I will use it.

One other thing I liked was the packaging. I'm a sucker for Halloween art and the package has kind of a vintage feel to it. Two-tone slime green with black graphics. See the ToTs running toward the haunted house? The "Trick Or Treat" font and the bat-esque graphic at the top are also cool.

I'm such a sucker for cool Halloween packaging graphics that you'll find these on display in my office:

The Flies and Brain Freeze were Target candy novelty packaging. The Witch Brew is an old beer can I happened upon and the Monster - well, it's Monster.

While the strobe may not be anything super unique at least Lowes is getting geared up for Fall. I am so ready!

Haunt on!

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