Monday, November 24, 2008

Thrill of the Hunt

What do you get when you cross an early Thanksgiving visit home with an old high school friend that is auctioning off her store antiques? It's what I call a "Halloween Score".

Jeanise and I go way back. Don't even ask me how far as I like to think I'm still 2o-something. We share a love for old stuff but she's much better at sniffing it out, so, when I realized she was having an auction on the same day I'd be home for Thanksgiving I thought it was a bonus.

After scarfing down the Thanksgiving feast I headed out to the auction which was already well underway. I perused the trailers loaded with miscellaneous vintage wares faining disinterest (no sense letting anyone else know I might be on to something). My eyes caught a glimmer of old orange and black - bingo - vintage Halloween. Now we're talking my language! I casually made my way around the trailer and eyeballed the paper mache Jack O' Lantern - hmmmm tiny and in bad shape. Next. The pan style noisemaker. Dang - already have that one. What else? That's when I saw them!

I placed myself close to but not in front of my target and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Why is it that when I zone in on one thing the auctioneer takes his precious time getting to it?

Finally. The box is moved to the center of the trailer and the prizes are laid out before the crowd. The bidding begins. I bid. Ack - competition! I bid again - she bids - I bid....back off lady these are mine! What's this? She bows out? Ha! She must have sensed she didn't stand a chance.

The contents are carefully placed back in the box and presented to me. Inside lay 5 vintage composition dolls in various degrees of decay. Like a protective mother I wrap my arms around the box and stare lovely at my new pets admiring their cracked faces, missing limbs and disintegrating clothing. Faces only a Halloween fanatic could love.

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