Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ghoulie Girl Kerli

I'm a music nut. It's one of my indulgences that I refuse to do without.

Last night I was ripping through BMG music club because I've racked up 65 free cds (yes I still buy cds) and I have to use them by the end of April since they are discontinuing their music points program (freaks). I was desperate since I own everything already so I was looking at anything and everything. That's when I was introduced to Kerli.

Coined as a mix of Bjork and Natasha Bedingfield with a touch of Amy Lee, this 21 year old Gothic Lolita with an Estonian accent has a quirky music style loaded with emotion. Songs from the cd include "Love Is Dead", "Strange Boy" and "Creepshow" but the video to "Walking On Air" has a nice creepy Halloween feel to it so I thought I'd share.

For your viewing and listening pleasure - Kerli

P.S. Pull her up on YouTube and check out the song "Bulletproof" if you prefer something a little more mainstream.

P.P.S. And for those of you concerned regarding my outdated approach to music, worry not. I have a Rhapsody and ITunes account and I do own an IPOD. ;)


  1. Fantastic find. Thanks for sharing...I am off to order CDs - yes, I still buy them too :)

  2. Thank God I am not alone LOL Rock on Frog Queen!

  3. LOL! I think my world would end if I could not hold the latest Cure CD in my hands, they day I can only download it is going to be sad....some habits are hard to break:)

  4. Yes some habits are hard to break! I still have my original copy of Styx Paradise Theater on vinyl (showing my age again). No way am I listening to that on download. ;)


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