Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tip Toe Through the Tombstones

My husband is ultra cautious. I am so not.

Recent example. We were on a Caribbean cruise and had docked at St. Maarten. Half the island is owned by the French and half by the Dutch. We docked on the French side and after having a looksy I decided we needed to visit the Dutch side as well. Hubby was not amused. He liked to keep the ship in sight should they decide to sail off without us. ::sigh::

I won the debate and we grabbed a cab and headed to the other side. Our driver was wonderful but there was a bit of a language barrier as I had trouble grasping the dialect. So, when we were given instructions on locating the cab stand (a different location than where we were being dropped) I thought I understood. (Whoops! My mistake.)

We took a quick run through Marigot and knowing my husband was nervous I decided we needed to head for the cab stand. I was certain the driver had intended for us to take a left so that's the way we went. We walked along, not a cab in sight, hubby growing more nervous. I looked across the street and there was a long rock wall. Could it be?! I dashed across the street digging for my camera with hubby trying to keep up. I ducked under an overgrown entry into the cemetery.

The water level is high so the graves are above ground like they are in New Orleans. The place was a sad mess. Over-grown, neglected and trash everywhere. I brushed away debris and balanced myself on rubble to get a few pics. Hubby had positioned himself close to the entrance less than thrilled with my excitement over the find.

Here are a few shots. (Sorry I don't know the name of the cemetery.)

Obviously we did manage to find the cab stand. We should have gone right instead of left but if we had I would have missed this little field trip.


  1. I know I'm late to the party, but this post just cracked me up - I can see getting in trouble with my husband for doing something like that... great writing and pictures.

  2. Thanks Dawn! He still rolls his eyes when I speak of this. I swear the man has no sense of adventure :)


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