Monday, March 2, 2009

The Mad Lab

MIA the past few days but I have a good reason for it. You see I have a personality disorder. Some would argue that's not my only problem but I digress.

Here you know me as one half of the Ghoulie Girls but some would better recognize me by my alter ego Jekyll and Hyde. Wait, that makes what? Three personalities in all right? Ah well, who's counting.

Anywho, I haunt various Halloween sites on the web under the J&H moniker. One place in particular is the haunting social network HauntSpace. I've been a member there since 2006 and have found it to be a great place to gather all sorts of inspiration and information regarding Halloween.

In August 2007 I thought it would be fun to host a prop building contest and The Mad Lab was born. The concept is simple. Every month a standard everyday object (aka SEI) is chosen and contestants build a prop using that item. At the end of each contest a winner is selected via popular vote and a prize is awarded. Anyone can enter to win and anyone can vote. (Hey, what can I say, I'm an equal opportunity haunter.)


Today The Mad Lab launched it's own site so now you can participate through either venue.

So, grab your glue gun, monster mud and duck tape and head over the Lab. We'll be waiting for you.....


  1. I haven't logged into HauntSpace in weeks.

    And I miss it so.

    But I feel so lost there!

    ...I'll have to go check this out now, won't I?

  2. Yes! Drop by and check it out.

    Don't be intimidated on HS. Nice bunch of people. If you need something just yell I'll be happy to help.

  3. Man, I'm the last to know everything around here!! I'm making a bee-line to check it out! :D (Thank you for informing those of us that are so uninformed!)

  4. Marsha, i'm loving the new group and the voting is so easy! just 1 click and you're done.
    Danny and Josh are all signed up too, and were able to vote with no problems.


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