Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time Flies

Marsha: Hey, don't we have a blog we should be working on?
Tracy: I forgot - do we have a blog?
Marsha: I'm pretty sure we do.
Tracy: Crap! We suck!
Marsha: Indeed!

What can we say? Time flies.

Anywhooooo....we're working on getting back with the program here. Oh we haven't been ignoring Halloween but we've been dreadful about posting any new stuff. While we've been away I've been spending many hours in my son's car while he tries to bang out the hours needed to graduate from learner's permit to restricted. Listen carefully, if you are on the road anywhere in Kansas run for cover. I do not, repeat do not have a safety break on my side of the car.

Well, he is his mother's son. He likes to exceed the speed limit and has the stereo at moc 10. Lucky for me we like the same music. He recently pulled out the Apocalyptica cd and had it playing on one of our drives. If you're not familiar, these guys are a Finnish metal cello band. You probably know "I Don't Care" that features Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace but skip ahead a few tracks to number 11. The track is titled "Peace" and has a wonderfully eerie tone that could be worked into any haunt.

Peace out!


  1. As the proud parent of a freshly-licensed driver myself, I feel your pain :)

  2. Hey Halloween Spirit! You give me hope. If you survived perhaps I will as well! ;)

  3. Ah, I missed you guys! Glad to see that you are back!!


  4. Thanks Frog Queen! Happy to be back!


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