Monday, June 29, 2009

Surf, Sun and Sand

I don't know about your location but here it's hotter than Dante's seventh level of Hell. We get excited if the temperature is going to stay in the "cooler" 90s.

My youngest sister sent me an email the other day that showcased some amazing sand sculptures. I suppose she was surfing the web in an effort to stay cool (no waves for surfing here in Kansas). Always thinking in the Halloween mode I wondered if anyone had taken the opportunity to combine this art form with Halloween. Needless to say, I was not disappointed:

This first one (posted by serakatie on flickr) is Charlie Brown's Snoopy resting on a pumpkin:

Next up everyone's favorite vampire, Dracula (found on

Here's a couple of cool skeleton sculptures we found. The first one was posted by alabax on flickr

This one came up in a google image search:

And finally, a Hellraiser's PinHead sculpture found at


  1. Pinhead!!! My favorite. Thanks for sharing. I had not seen these before.


  2. I hadn't seen any of these either. You'd think with as many Halloween searches as I run I'd have stumbled upon them before. Guess there's a whole lot more Halloween yet to been seen ;)


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