Saturday, August 20, 2011

Halloween At Big Lots

Another required stop on my list today was Big Lots. I was just sure that they'd have at least some of their Halloween out and I was right. Our store has a few naked shelves so I'm probably safe to assume that more is coming.

The selection so far was ok. Quite a bit of cutesy, glitter and such. They also seem to have a lot of light up signs and lights in general. I did manage to find a couple of things I thought I should have.

Of course I snapped a few pics for all you Ghoulies:

This sign (Ghoul's just want to have fun) fits me but I wasn't crazy about the graphics so I passed:

I did bring home the Haunted Hedge which is basically a set of sound activated creepy eyes that shakes and moans. I also grabbed a box of the Flickering String Lights. These are great and I think I can find several uses for them.

Haunt on!

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  1. Going to make a trip to Big Lots on Monday so I hope they will have some of this great stuff at mine too!!



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