Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Halloween Season

First off let me welcome in the Halloween season!! Yes it is finally underway as retailers begin loading their shelves with the beginnings of creepy goodness. Even the weather here decided to give us a break from the +100° days. Autumn is right around the corner.

(image from - 10 Stunning Examples of Autumn Wallpapers)

The rest of this post has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween but I will share my week and why I've been absent anyway. :)

It's been a scary week - and not in a good way kind of scary. First up the parents, who both had doctor appointments on the same day, both found they are facing some serious health issues. One is still undergoing testing and the other has surgery scheduled. I'm sure that they will be fine but it makes things a bit stressful at the moment.

By Friday I was finally ready to get myself back on schedule only to walk into the office and find my main computer had got hit in the power surge from the night before. Dead. Yes, D-E-A-D. All the office electronics are on a surge protector and all survived - except the most important one.

My fave computer shop is owned by Steve. He is the most helpful, knowledgeable guy with the most beautiful, brown, waist length hair - which is sometimes in long Pippi style braids. He might even be wearing ballet flats or a women's sweater. It depends on the day really. I love that he does what he wants AND in all the battles he's gotten into with the my electronics over the years, the computer has only won once. I was praying today would be one of those "good news" days.

The computer shop opens at 11am so I made sure to be there right at 11. No Steve. 11:15. No Steve. 11:30. No Steve. Panic is setting in at this point. I went and grabbed a quick lunch and came back. No Steve.

In the panic only one other computer shop came to mind so, even though I'd never been there before, I decided I better head that direction. I landed at Matt's place. Matt has red hair, in dreads, a braided goatee, several piercings and tats. In less than 5 minutes Matt had determined that it was only the power supply and in no time at all he had me fixed up.

I have decided that I will only ever go to a computer geek who has his own unique style. No nerd squad for me. Give me the guys with tats or braids any day! Thank you Matt! (And, here's hoping that Steve is ok.)

The day was looking up. I had Little Shop of Horrors in the evening. It wasn't as raunchy as it can be but it was a great show. I love seeing my son (Orin the dentist) on stage and all of the players were perfect for their roles. I so enjoyed the show and I completely forgot the stress of the week.

An hour after arriving home Mom called. This is never good to get a call from the parents at this hour. They had spent the night in the ER. Mom had decided to mow last evening but couldn't get this one area due to a branch that had come partially down. Dad decided to grab a ladder and cut it off.

Picture this....Mom is mowing, Dad on ladder sawing, branch comes down, hits ladder. Ladder goes one way, Dad the other. Mom still mowing. Dad on ground. Mom finally notices. She has to load him on the mower to get him to the house.

I swear they are trying to kill me.

I have some Halloween goodness to share so I'll be back later. I do hope that you're Halloween season has kicked off better than mine.

Haunt on!


  1. Good grief, that post is packed! I hardly know what to comment on most! First let me say that I will keep your parents in my prayers, I hope the upcoming medical treatments go easily for them. Second, holy crap, I can just see me having to chase my parents down in the ER after falling from a tree, or getting a ride back on the lawn mower - man, LOL... how the tables turn. And last - don't judge a computer dude's book by his cover - if you were to take your PC to my Geek hubby, he would look like a normal guy in a Polo - not tats or braids or funky colors, til you realize that he spends his nights elbow deep in Monster Mud and corpsing materials! I think MOST geeks have personality to spare, and thats why I love them so much!!

  2. Learning that our parents have some serious health issues is no fun. I hope they will get better soon. As for your PC, lol, you would not let me repair it until you know that, although I look like the typical geek, I am tattooed on the back.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Thank you both for the well wishes for the parents. I already called today to make sure no one had done themselves an injury. I'm thinking at this point I should even ban them from the usage of utensils.

    Ok - point taken on the geeks. I should know better because by outward appearances I'm a typical soccer mom - but I play with dead things ;) If I come across a tech nerd (I sooo want to be a tech nerd) who doesn't show outward signs of personality I shall quiz them.

    "Ummmm excuse me but do you have any hidden tats? Do you play with corpses? Are you wearing feminine undergarments?"

    I have standards ya know :D


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