Saturday, October 1, 2011

And So It Begins...

The countdown to Halloween officially kicked off today and the minute my feet hit the floor I could feel it. The room had a chill and it was a bit over-cast. The haunting season is finally here!

Since things are pretty much on their way back to normal around here, I'm hitting the blogosphere again just in time to celebrate properly. Like so many other bloggers, I've committed (notice I did not say I'd been committed) to posting daily during the month of October in the 2011 Countdown To Halloween. Be sure to pay a visit to the long list of blogs oozing with Halloween goodness.

Now here's the scoop on my best laid plans (you regulars know the routine of what that means)....a new feature I want to bring in for this season is Wicked Vintage. There's nothing quite like vintage Halloween but why stop there? When scrounging Ebay, thrift stores and yard sales grab the orange and black but don't overlook the other wicked cool stuff.

Case in point and my first Wicked Vintage piece for the season:

You may remember in one the earliest Ghoulie Girls posts about this great haul of vintage porcelain dolls. Perfectly broken and abused, they fit in well with the Halloween theme. A few months ago I managed to snag the vintage devil costume on ebay. The child's vintage wicker rocker is another ebay score from several years back. Put them all together and Wicked Vintage is on display.

Other plans include a return to Ghoulie Tunes on Fridays, some product reviews, a few creepy crafts and a bit-by-bit reveal of the office make-over...Halloween style of course. Yes, you heard me right. Amongst all the chaos of my life the last couple of months I managed to redo the office.

Here's to a frightfully fun haunt season!


  1. I collect baby heads so this is one baby that would be missing a head if I were visiting your house! *giggle*


  2. Lulu you head snatcher you! This one does have a body but I have a few heads hanging around here. I recently snagged another one on ebay and I will be showcasing him later this month ;)


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