Monday, October 10, 2011

Wicked Vintage

I had hoped that today we'd be talking about the golfing skeletons in my yard but, alas, they are not in my yard. They are in the garage all piled up wondering when they'll get their moment. Patience my darlings. I had planned on starting the yard yesterday but it was cold and rainy so I opted for the interior instead.

I'm a collector of old things. With the exception of vintage Halloween the rest of my collection is any old thing that catches my eye. I don't collect based on how much I think something will appreciate, though I do love a good deal, rather how I can use it as a display piece... and if it's something I'm willing to dust.

So when Halloween season rolls around there is just as much non-Halloween vintage strung around as there is Halloween vintage... which equals Wicked Vintage. Here's a couple of cabinets that got their Halloween make-over this weekend:

One side of the cabinet.

The other side.

On another you know how hard it is to take pictures of a mirrored cabinet and not get yourself in the shot? Uuuuggg!! Anywho, here's some close-ups:

This shelf contains one creepy baby doll head (a recent Ebay snag), a carved wooden crow (Hobby Lobby) and a player piano roll. Notice the title - Dance Of The Demons.

A new, oversized skeleton key (Hobby Lobby), Halloween fabric napkin (Grandin Road), new witch cutout (Hobby Lobby), vintage amber vanilla bottle and vintage Edsion wax record.

Cat and Jack O'Lantern (reproductions) with vintage wooden spools.

Jack O'Lantern in Shoe (The Market Shop), another Grandin Road napkin and a small vintage cast iron witch's kettle.

As a girl I remember watching the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy series on tv. I also read all of the books. I thought these would be fun for Halloween but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find any locally. One day I was in Goodwill and happened upon someone's entire collection. I picked out five, wrapped them in ribbon and put a crow on top. They now sit in this cabinet with vintage Majolica plates and a vintage taloned ice tongs.

Decorating with vintage doesn't have to be expensive so don't let that stop you if you like the look. Just be open-minded. Chippy paint and a patina on most anything can add to the old haunted mansion look.

Haunt on!


  1. Really digging the vintage look! It truly is wicKED!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeek!!! I want to come to your house and Trick or Treat!! I love your Treasures!!!


  3. Thank you wicKED!

    Come on over Lulu! We don't get any trick or treaters as we live off the beaten path. Any ToT who wanders our direction will be greeted with the finest treats ;)


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