Sunday, July 29, 2012

Name My Newest Pet Contest

I took a little time away this past March to check out the TransWorld Halloween Show. We had a great time and were in haunt overload by the time we left.

I met a lot of great people including two of my favorites; Chad Savage (Sinister Visions) and Edward Douglas (Midnight Syndicate).

By now you've seen all kinds of glorious gory goodness from the event so I won't rehash everything so far after the fact. I was drawn to a lot of the independent artists at the show and one in particular had the most "adhorrible" little artifact. Meet my newest pet:

My girlfriend who I had dragged along with me, and who is not "that" into Halloween, took one look at it and said "If you don't buy it I'm going to have to". Enough said.

Yes, it is real.
Yes, it died of natural causes - or so I was told.
Yes, I carried it around like a newborn child for the entire afternoon.
Yes, I was stopped often. Even Phil Morris stopped me to chat about it.
Yes, it is awesome.

I haven't named the little guy yet (or girl....hmm how do I tell what it was?)  - but it will play a small part in this year's Halloween party scavenger hunt as The Bat Of Belfry.

If you have any clever name ideas toss 'em my way. If I choose yours I'll send you a little something-something. I can't wait forever for a name so be sure to post your suggestions by midnight CST, Sunday, August 5th. I'll announce the winner Monday, August 6th.

Haunt on!


  1. According to Forrest J Ackerman, the Transylvanian word for bat was Vespertina. Might I suggest that or Batrick/Batricia?

  2. The suggestions so far have been unusual and clever and I quite like them all. Hmmmm, this shall be difficult....

  3. That bat is AWESOME and would look fantastic in my Witch Shoppe/Apothecary! Next year, take me with you to the show....I LOVE HALLOWEEN! :o)

    I have to second the Vespertina suggestion for a name since it seems so fitting and Halloweeny at the same time. But then again, my black cat is named 'Coventina' I'm probably biased!

  4. I think she should be named Barbara the Bat, after Barbara Gordon (Batgirl).

  5. More clever names!!! Ok, this is getting difficult. They are all so good and I thought I would be hard to please ;). I think this is going to call for drawing the winning name from a hat as I'm already having trouble deciding.


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