Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Party Planning Part 3: Save The Date

Something new for this year's Halloween bash is my Save The Date pre-invite. This will hit my guest's inbox in a couple of weeks. I have a very small guest list this year (six couples) so I'm trying to insure everyone can come.

Since my guest list is so small I tried to take into account what would appeal to them when making the video. I would have ended it after the first minute but I added another minute or so just to get the guests in the mood and create a more fun, party atmosphere. You see, none of my closest friends are into Halloween the way I'm into Halloween so while a dark, creepy mood gets my blood flowing I knew I needed something more to get them excited.

A bit of an explanation here... This is essentially two parties in one: Halloween and the hub's 50th birthday. The guests will be participating in our regular scavenger hunt but also on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth (to save hubby's youth). Both are referenced in the video.

This was made the way a lot of youtube fan videos are made - by piecing together someone else's work to background music. The only thing original to me is the editing and text. With that said, I give credit where credit is due:

The Fog movie trailer
Phantom of the Opera movie trailer
From Hell movie trailer
Sleepy Hollow movie trailer
Born of the Night - Midnight Syndicate
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo

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