Monday, June 20, 2011

A Boobalicious Halloween

Well, I got your attention didn't I? Don't worry, this is not a bait and switch. We are going to talk about boobs today. least in relation to Halloween costumes.

It's no secret that the sexy costume is the hottest thing on the rack (no pun intended). Sex sells cars, beer, magazines, etc. so it's no surprise that sex also sells Halloween.

Fox by Leg Avenue

This is not a new trend, but as the manufacturer catalogs start to roll in every year I notice that the sexy sections get longer while the skirts and shorts get shorter. I'm really not sure how much shorter things can go. Perhaps the vendors will issue an invisible costume. All you will get is a hanger.

And then there's the boob issue. Ladies, do yourself a favor and invest in some boob tape, duct tape, double stick or whatever you can. Some of these tops just aren't going to stay where they're put! Do a little Monster Mash on the dance floor or reach across a table for a jello shot and you might be showing more than you had intended.

Vice Girl by DreamGirl

Halloween costume manufacturers are good at doing the sexy look. Lingerie makers won't be left out of this money machine and they hopped on the band wagon years ago. The most prolific maker of sexy Halloween is Leg Avenue. And the holy of all that is holy in sexy, Playboy, has gotten in on the act as well. DreamGirl is
another one to watch for - they understand that not everyone is a size 2 and carry up to 3X-4X.

Police Patrol by DreamGirl

There's not a ghoul of any size or age that I know that doesn't want to look sexy. The fine line is between sexy, sleezy and - just naked! I can't count the number of times I've assisted a customer who wants one of these little numbers. They call me freaking out wondering what tricks I can help them with to make sure the "girls" stay put and the butt stays covered. (Bike shorts, petticoats, boob tape, leggings and tank tops make the short list.)

French Maid by Coquette

Certainly you can avoid the whole over-the-top sexy thing as there are plenty of other costumes to choose from. But for those of you that want the look I say - go for it. Right after you arm yourself with boob tape.

Haunt on!


  1. Now I remember why I like this blog so much!

  2. I will admit that this one may have more appeal for the Ghoulie Guys than us ghouls ;)

  3. Gotta love a post about boob tape. Pssshaww... we're haunters, we spray paint our skin and wrap our girls in duct tape. We don't need no silly boob tape! ;)

    (Thanks for the links, by the way, LOL)

  4. Are you kidding....if I looked like that I would wear those outfits all the time :D


  5. Duct tape works marvelously...until you have to rip it off. Don't ask me how I know this ;)

    I would too Frog Queen but that would require exercise!


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