Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goodbye to a Ghoulie Girl

Where, oh where, have the Ghoulie Girls gone? Like the mist fading from the cemetery grounds it would seem they have vanished with the dawn.


It's been over a year. Did the passion for Halloween burn out?

Did the ghouls get into a fight and find themselves in a heated court battle for the rights to the site?
Uh - no.

Well, what's the 411?
Simple, really. It's called life.

There are some changes coming and we'll be back. Well, one of us will be. The name will remain the same but there will be, for a while anyway, only one ghoul behind the scenes.

Tracy has experienced some significant life changes and is moving in another direction. I love her dearly and wish her all the best.

I hope to bring in another Ghoulie to give the blog a bit more bite! I have someone in mind but she doesn't know it. I must craft my approach carefully. Yes, sneaky and underhanded maneuvers will be required. Mwahahahah!

Now - enough of the sap. Onto the business of haunting!

In the News....

Stolloween recently completed his Boris the Troll project for Midland, Michigan’s 2011 Downtown Sculpture Series. This is a must see!

The Mad Lab is back up and running with TWO brand new contests for the haunt prop builder. Plus two very cool prizes. Worth checking out!

Free at last! Free at last! HauntCast is free again. That's right ghoulies. You can once again listen to the hauntalious crew podcast without a subsciption. But hey - don't be cheap! Support their sponsors so we can keep this thing going!

Home Haunt News rises from the abyss and will be launching a new edition on July 15. They are currently looking for submissions so if you've got something good to offer hit them up!

On a final note - As I was attempting to help a fellow haunter run down a prop how-to I stumbled across this:

The French Design Studio, Pool, recently debuted this plastic skull chair. Now tell me, what could be better than sitting in one of these watching the kiddos splash around in the pool? Love it!


  1. Missed you!

    Glad to see you are well and alive....or alive and well....I could never keep those straight. :D

    Looking forward to the future!


  2. Missed you too Frog Queen!!

    Thanks for the welcome back. Indeed I am alive and well. At least I was the last time I took my pulse.

    Haunt on ghoulie friend!

  3. Glad you are back!! Life gets in the way of all of us sometimes - thats why the Haunt community is so great - we all understand, and are still here whenever anyone returns!

    PS - LOVE the chair!!!

  4. Good to know you're still around! Looking forward to your return. :)

  5. Great to see you Dawn! It has been amazing at how understanding the haunt community is. It's like we never left. Warms my dark little heart ;)

    Thanks Halloween Spirit! Good to see you again!

  6. Glad to see ya! And thanks for the Hauntcast scream out :)

  7. You bet Johnny. Listened to the latest and it was excellent as always! Keep it up!!


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