Monday, August 17, 2009


We love costumes! I will use any excuse I can muster up just to put one on. I have costumes out my ying-yang but my ultimate character is the vampiress. That might seem predictable but there's a zillion different ways to do this creature and I'm still working my way through all the options.

Our kids have always had original homemade costumes. Don't misunderstand - I don't love to sew (neither does Tracy) but I do love the creative process. Until I got in the Halloween retail business my sons had never had a store bought costume. Years ago when my youngest demanded to be Spiderman I gave in because I didn't really want to remake what was so readily available. He came around though and last year he insisted on an original wicked jester creation. (Mom wins!! He's the one on the right.)

I know I'm on a movie roll lately with this blog (and I apologize I will try to be more original with the next entry). But - I especially love movies that showcase characters in strange and wonderful costumes woven into a twisted tale. Just such a movie is on the horizon - Alice In Wonderland.

I never miss a Burton movie and a movie that features Burton, Depp and Bonham Carter?? Be still my heart! (Sorry for the ads in the vid - this one is hard to get as they keep shutting it down so watch it quick!)

The time is drawing near for the ultimate costume excuse of the year, Halloween! As a retailer who markets "off the rack" costumes I know this may sound strange but - be original. Take some time to dream up something unique and bring it to life. Perhaps take a cue from Burton - take a classic and create something twisted.

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