Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glitter Me This

I have a love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart. Tracy couldn't care less about the domestic goddess but I struggle with Martha on a semi-regular basis.

I love her ideas (though rumors abound that they are not all her own) but I find it absolutely impossible that anyone could be this creative, organized and put together. I often mumble to myself that she's only so together because she has a huge staff and no hubby or kiddos to trip over. Then I mumble in jealousy how I'd love to have a huge staff (or at least a wife's wife to do all those mundane chores for me).

How lovely it would be to spend a day at the garden store chatting up the experts, picking out plants, urns, furniture (with no real budget to speak of) and then send my garden team to pick it up. I could then have my kitchen staff prepare me a nice English tea and blueberry scones while I bark out directions on where things are to be planted and placed. (No, No, No! I specifically said to use the striped umbrella with this set of chairs!)

This Halloween season Grandin Road has teamed up with Martha Stewart, as evidenced by their catalog I received the other day. I always look forward to the catalog for inspiration but this year it's Glitter Mania, or is it Glitter Gone Wild or Giddy for Glitter. I swear the woman has glittered everything within an inch of it's life and slapped a nice pricey price tag on it.

I love her glitter. The colors are excellent and it's nice and fine. It's what I used on these pieces I was working on last Fall that gave me fits. And that brings me to the point in this badly written entry which is this... if you're going with a sparkly Halloween theme, do it yourself!

Martha jumped on the glitter train last season and this year she's milking it for all it's worth. I love the look but I think even if you purchase her skeleton ($79) and her glitter (check pricing at Michael's) you can do it for less than $149! And glitter Jacks from $49-$69? Pfffttt!

Make your own. Trust me on this. Martha doesn't have a thing on you!


  1. i am doing just that. plus, making your own ios a lot more fun than just buying it!!!

  2. Ah, you are right, we can do this too and better, and cheaper....:)

    Thanks for the pep talk, I needed that!


  3. Hey you! Shouldn't you be cleaning out that garage so your can papier mache? I'm in withdrawl and need to see some new Stolloween creations. ;)

  4. Don't forget---GLITTER OUTSIDE OR IN YOUR GARAGE! I used to make faery wings (which, of course, required glitter), and we always joked that the "glitter cannon went off". It gets in fabric furniture, crevices of hard wood floor, stuck to tables and chairs, in clothing, etc. I'm still finding it, and haven't made any for about two years now.


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