Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Observations By A Ghoulie Girl (Or Two)

We've been around the online Halloween scene for a while now. We've haunted Haunt Space for years, stalked Halloween Forum and Haunt Forum endlessly, listened in to every podcast that has a remote mention of the holiday and bookmarked nearly every Halloween related site on the net.

I have had the good fortune of connecting with many haunters. Some I chit chat with online on a regular basis and some I get the wonderful honor of visiting with via phone. I've never met any of these ghouls in person but to do so would be akin to meeting a rock star.

This week was a banner week. I've had two brief brushes with greatness when I exchanged a couple of quick emails with Bones of Haunt Style and Ghoul Friday author of the upcoming book Brains vs. Coffee. A phone call with Chris Baker of Haunt Cast and another with someone I consider to be a good friend and a very talented entity, Scott Stoll of Stolloween, were icing on the cake.

Perhaps we should change our name from Ghoulie Girls to Ghoulie Groupies? There are so many we admire in the business of haunting. But, and here's the kicker, one thing we find to be almost universal is the willingness to share.

It's rare to find a haunter who won't go out of their way to offer advice, share techniques or provide direction. You would think there would be a lot of competitiveness but from what we see from the cheap seats it is exactly the opposite. Through the haunt community runs a vein of appreciation for others of like mind. No haunt is unworthy, no question is silly and everyone is welcomed into the community. Haunters truly are a most generous bunch.

So, to those of you haunting the season know this... We Ghoulies think you rock! We thank you for the information you provide, the photos you post, the insight you share and the friendships you offer. May you have a most haunted Halloween season!


  1. Wow, that is a good week! You are a rock stars in your own right!!! :)


  2. You are too kind! When we are able to haunt like you do then maybe we can live up to the rock star gig ;)

  3. I totally agree with you! Haunters seem to be, on the whole, a generous and kind fellowship. Everyone remembers what it was like to be the newbie and not know what "TOTs" stood for, or that "groundbreaker" was not new slang for the gardener.
    Keep rockin', girls!

  4. It's a weird thing, but I have to say over all the years I've spent too much time on the internet, I've found the Haunter community to be the most supportive and genuinely interested in what others are doing. Sure, we have our strange & selfish people too, but generally speaking, it's the best group I've ever had the pleasure to belong to.

    And as long as they'll have me as a member, I'll be here.

    Thanks for the lovely post.

  5. Wow, nice week indeed! You're right, people in the Haunting communities are very open and helping. I was very surprised and thrilled when I discovered this when I got in touch with this community. This was a blessing day :-)

    On my part, I got honored to help Frog Queen on her Joan of Arc prop. I didn't do a lot but it made me really happy to help such a great haunter.

    And finally, I got the chance to have a little french e-mail from Ghoul Friday.

    This community rocks!

  6. Hey now you're a rock star...for the most part I have found the haunting community to be the most caring and unselfish group of folks around...true I know of a few whack jobs and stinkers but 99.9% are wonderful people...and yes..the Ghoulie Girls are part of the 99.9%...

  7. I very much enjoy your blog ladies! You are fabulous! Thanks for doing what you do!!

    Wendy for The Gothic Tea Society

  8. Thanks for sharing your blog, I am now a follower! Please visit mine if you get a chance!


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