Saturday, August 22, 2009

For The Love Of Hair Gel

Honestly! I'm lucky if can find my butt with both hands and a flashlight - and it's not like my butt is a small target! Part of my problem is that I am on the other side over 40 but I think my biggest problem is too much on my plate.

The good news (if there really is any) is that one of my many obligations caused a brain spark and I remembered a haunting trick from several years back.

It began as I was cleaning out the theater Green Room at my oldest son's high school. Why was I cleaning this room? Well, my fiendish friends, this is what happens when a drama program is cut and you open your mouth to get it back. Yep, yours truly ended up the Drama Director. [Note to self: super glue lips shut]

This room was a wreck. I brought in lawn and leaf bags and went to work. Tattered fabric - trash. Ancient makeup - trash. Old, gross vat of yellow hair gel - trash - WAIT! Hold the hair gel! (This is where my memory kicked in.)

Several years ago I created a simple haunt in our garage for my son's Halloween party. One section was a mad scientist's laboratory for which I had gathered an assortment of odd shaped glassware and other oddities. I wanted something besides liquid in a couple of the jars and I found the perfect solution at the Dollar Store - a tub of clear hair gel (also available in green, yellow or blue).

I globed the hair gel into a glass and shoved squishy eyeballs into the goo. Then I topped off the surface with a bit of faux blood. Here's a couple of pics I managed to scrounge up.

I think this gelatinous goo might work well in other areas of a haunt. Let it drip off a tree or smear it on walls and allow it to drip down. I do know that it looks pretty sinister in a mad lab setting from a 4th grader's point of view. Plus it has the added benefit of being heavily perfumed making your haunt smelly good and it will be at the ready should your Bride of Franky character's hair start to fall.


  1. Haha that's seriously a really good idea. Glad I came across that, I need to keep it in mind for future reference.
    check out my horror movie blog for the latest horror movie news and the occasional creepy treasure
    thanks! :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by atomicfox! If you come up with any other haunted uses for this fine hair care product let us know ;)

  3. Definitely. And you'll do the same, yes? :)


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