Monday, June 20, 2011

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Ok Ghoulies - take that ice pack off your head and have a little hair of the dog that bit ya!

I don't care if you've spent yesterday hugging the porcelain throne swearing that you'll never spend another weekend drunk off your ass. I have cocktail recipes to share and I expect you to try them out!

Bartender Confessions posted the Mali-boo Brew a couple of years ago and it looks totally gummy, I mean yummy!

You gotta love a drink that's named for the way you feel after you've consumed one too many. Tango Pango's Flicker page tells you how to have your very own Brain Hemorrhage.

Also be sure to check out Food2s 8 Sexy Halloween Cocktails. For you cannibals out there, they offer the Blood-Red Lime Rickey. Complete with severed fingers.

Haunt on!

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