Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Other Life

I don't show too many different sides when floating around the haunt world - retailer and haunt freak are about it. Well tonight I'm going to share something else that I devote my time to that's totally non-Halloween related.

Brittan - Halloween 1996

My oldest son, Brittan, is a Halloween junkie (just like his mom) and I have tortured him from birth with handmade costumes. He is also an aspiring musician. His goal is to reach out with his music and help make changes in the world.

So, indulge this Ghoulie Girl while I veer a bit off topic to showcase one of the few things in my life that takes precedence over Halloween. This song is a cover of Adam Lambert's Whatdaya Want From Me.

Now...back to your regularly scheduled haunting..


  1. That was great!!! Thanks for sharing. Loved seeing that side of your life.((big smile))


  2. Oh you're too sweet!

    He is one of my joys. The younger son is a drummer so I get live music on a regular basis. ;)


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