Friday, June 24, 2011

Mostly Ghostly

My family was always big on board games. Several times a month one of us would choose a game and the entire family would sit down and play. Oh, there were the usual selections; Life, Monopoly, Cootie, Candy Land, etc. (depending on that age of the players).

On a shopping trip I noticed a game with skeletons on the box and, of course, I just had to have it. Mom caved in and I was the proud new owner of a game called Mostly Ghostly. I'll admit that at the point of purchase I had no idea how it was played. Nor did I care.

Distributed in 1975 (ugggggg - dating myself...again!) by Cadaco, it was similar to Cootie. The Skeleton consisted of five pieces - the head and torso, two arms and two legs. You would spin the spinner to determine which part of your skeleton you would receive. The first to assemble a complete skeleton won. Oh, and the best part? The skeleton and spinner would glow in the dark so it was lights out to play!

It was a simple concept and the rest of my family grew bored with the game. The moans and groans when it was my turn to choose a game could rival any haunt. No big deal as I would often get it out and play against myself.

Despite my best attempts to take care of the game it got pretty beat up. As I recall, an entire skellie went MIA, likely used as a Halloween decoration by yours truly.

I'm not certain whatever became of it. At one point it was just gone.To this day I honestly believe that there was a family conspiracy brewing and the game was quietly sent to the burn pile while I was occupied with other interests.

Recently I got my hands on a replacement Mostly Ghostly. Absolutely vintage, complete and ready for play. I still love it.

When the family gathers for the holidays we still play board games. The next time we meet I'll be sure to bring this along. I can hear the moans and groans already.

Haunt on!


  1. I remember that game! Hadn't thought about it in years. See, now you're making me go looking for things on eBay, drat you!

  2. Ahhh you'll thank me later! Let me know when you get one and we'll play. I won't cheat. Honest! ;)

  3. Of course you won't cheat... Hallowe'en People don't HAVE to cheat, we've already won!

  4. Absolutely!

    BTW - I have scheduled some time this evening to fully immerse myself in The Skull and Pumpkin. I'm trying to get all the way back to the beginning. I just love it!!

  5. I just found one of these on Ebay! Sadly though it's missing two legs otherwise I would buy it!


  6. Keep watching for it LuLu! I found mine there and it was complete and pretty "minty" for it's 36 years.

  7. Did you post this just to get even with me on my posts??! :D

    See - I can make the frog queen spend money just like she did to me!

    It evil lady you.

    LuLu - you and I need to make sure we don't bid against each other :D


  8. Oh royal Queen of the Frogs - indeed it is so! :D

    Actually I am just paying it forward, or in this case, backwards. Tag - you're it!! Mwahahahah


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