Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treats That Trick

Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat

I miss trick or treating. I so loved dressing up and going door to door. Leaves rustling under my feet as I wrestled with a costume that was often ill fitting. Navigating porch steps as I struggled to keep from tripping on over-sized shoes or dragging hemlines. Peering through masks with eye holes that never stayed in the sight line.

I carried my orange jack o'lantern pail carefully so as not to accidentally drop a single treasure. The treats were the spoils of victory - the evidence of a successful night of begging.

When we got home my two sisters and I would survey the goods and trade treats, after my parents each helped themselves to a piece or two of course.

Cracker Jacks were a fave. Two treats in one box - first the popcorn and peanuts and then a small toy. Nirvana!

I would say that overall the treats in my bucket were wanted and appreciated, but there were a few things I could have lived without:

Popcorn balls

I don't care how tasty the recipe presents itself - popcorn balls are awful (and never taste like Cracker Jacks). I like my popcorn with butter and salt... and not in ball form.


Oh I like raisins just fine but they should be banned from Halloween treat pails. Seriously if you want to give me fruit just throw in a caramel apple for heaven's sake.

Rolls of Pennies

Nothing says "I forgot/don't care/drat it's those stupid kids" more than pennies. Plus they made the buckets heavier.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much. At least I never received a religious brochure or a toothbrush like my own kids have.

As All Hallow's Eve came to a close, I feel into bed dreaming of the next Halloween. Planning my costume and looking forward to next year's frightful fun and trick or treating.

Oh how I miss being a kid on Halloween.

Haunt on!

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