Thursday, December 4, 2008

Halloween Rabbit?

Ok so it's October nineteen-seventy-something (there I go giving away my age) and the one thing on nearly every child's mind is "What am I going to be for Halloween?" Ahhh the dilemma of picking out a costume. I swear I could change my mind a dozen times in as many days. Halloween only rolled around but one time a year and I needed to give this some serious consideration. Or, at least, that's the way I remember it.

My mother recently sent a few childhood pictures of me and my sisters. (Funny, seems my parent's camera only worked on three occasions: Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Yes, Kodak moments were rare indeed.) Anyway, she sent me several with us girls decked out in our Halloween duds. Yes I said duds. What the hell was up with the plastic mask thing and why did we kids fall for it?

I bet the sales pitch at the local Duckwalls went something like this: "Hey lady, have your kid throw on this jumpsuit that has a picture of an astronaut on it, and top it off with this cheap, ubber fragile plastic mask with a thin elastic strap that will sever an ear if they make a wrong move. They'll feel like a real space explorer!"

Apparently my mother bought it because I am the proud owner of several vintage plastic masks. (Being the official Halloween freak in the family anything related to the holiday is immediately pawned off on me.)

Ok, and explain to me this... what the hell does a bunny rabbit have to do with Halloween? Shouldn't that be an Easter costume?

I know this picture is from Halloween because I (the oldest of course) am wearing some sort of green witchy mask with blood dripping down it. No, maybe that's a zombie gypsy? Whatever, I'm not sure what it is.

My middle sister created her own costume (nobody ever accused her of being a dummy). She's the creepy little old man.

It's my youngest sister that is the most disturbing (in the photo and in real life - hee hee). She's a freaking bunny! What the...??? Though I do admit, the bunny mask has a bit of deranged look to it so maybe it's a psycho bunny??? Yeah, we'll go with that - psycho bunny!

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