Thursday, December 11, 2008

Like Totally

80's retro hour. That was my first clue that I was "over the hill". When the music you listened to in high school is now dedicated to one late-night hour in the middle of the week your time has come...and gone.

The Halloween costume scene is riddled with remnants of someones youth. There's the 50's poodle skirt, the 60's hippie and the 70's disco queen. It was inevitable that the 80's would also join the ranks of the has-been.

I had to laugh (and then cringe) when I saw this costume hit the shelves within the last couple of years. God what were we thinking!?

We can roll our eyes at the male hair band example all we want but we Ghoulies weren't much better. No? Let me jog your memory - leggings, big hair (brought to you by Aqua Net), bat wing sweaters, leg warmers, neon, preppy, and of course, shoulder pads.

One of the greatest influences on the fashion scene was the pop singer who wanted to (and I quote) "rule the world". Madonna. The chameleon of reinventing her style had us all jumping through hoops. (Not to be confused with the Karma Chameleon of bad hair and makeup, Boy George.)

The material girl led us on a freak show of fashion with such classics as the layered look, skirts over pants, poodle perms and the infamous pointed bustier.

Unfortunately it appears that no lessons have been learned from the era of the fashion disaster. Some of these fashion faux pas are making a come back. [Cue: Iron Maiden's Run For the Hills]

The good news? It's perfect if you want to relive your youth and dress the part at your next Halloween party.

Well, you go ahead and reminisce. This former head banger is going to crank up the volume, fire up my concert flame and chill out. Yeah, totally.


  1. FINALLY!! being a packrat and keeping all those clothes is gonna pay off!

    wait a minute... they won't fit anymore! :'(


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