Friday, December 12, 2008

Jeepers Creepers

They say that the devil's in the details and I couldn't agree more. There's an unlimited amount of little things you can add to your costume to make it unique. One of my favorite devilish details is the Halloween contact lens.

For years Halloween and costume fanatics drooled over the creepy contact lenses used only in cinema. But now we mere mortals can experience the special effects lens. There are contacts for nearly every character you can imagine.

Your first stop for choosing contacts should be to your eye care professional (aka your optometrist). You know you've been putting it off anyway so if this is what it takes to get you in for an appointment then so be it.

Federal Law requires all lenses, even plano, (that would be a non-prescription strength lens for those of you with excellent eyesight) obtain an eye exam and a valid prescription. You will undergo a contact lens fitting so be prepared to have someone sticking things in your eyes. (If you're gonna wear these you'll have to get used to it anyway.)

Once that is completed you can have your optometrist go over their selection of available lenses or you can shop for them on the web.

We really like the layout at Here you can shop by lens color or style. Some of my personal faves are LeStat, Manson, Creepers and Black Sclera.

The site also provides some excellent information on the wear and care of your lenses as well as tips and trends.

Another thing we like about EFX is that they require the eye exam. In other words they aren't all about the money. I'm sure you can find several sites that allow you to bypass the prescription but be careful - it's required for a reason. Remember your eyes are the only ones you've got. I'm sure Darry would agree.


  1. i would LOVE to have some, but the thought of sticking things in my eyes creeps me out!

  2. Very cool! I have a friend with the full black lenses, they are magnificent!

    BTW - I have a friend who was and eye doctor and she will be thrilled to see you post that you should get a prescription. I am going to send her a link to this post!

  3. Susan!! It's supposed to creepy! Get some eyeballs girl!

    Full Moon - thanks for dropping by! I'll be sure to check out your blog today.

    Frog Queen - I've been wearing contacts since I was 14 (don't ask how many years that's been). I totally recommend taking good care of the peepers. Thanks for dropping in!


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