Monday, December 8, 2008

Shop 'til You Drop

I'm exhausted. For some reason my hubby got a wild hair up his hiney and wanted to go Christmas shopping yesterday. Tracy and I always go Christmas shopping together - without husbands. It's a tradition. Unfortunately we weren't going to be able to work the shopping trip in this year so hubby stepped up to the plate.

Now understand, the man hasn't ever been Christmas shopping in our 19 years of marriage. Oh, he may pick up a gift or two but the shopping marathon is alien to him. I was sensing disaster on the horizon. I mean one does not just jump into this kind of thing lightly. Heck, Tracy and I can spend over 2 hours at Super Target alone. This is serious shopping. Nevertheless I relented and off we went.

During the course of our day my husband asked me several times what I wanted for Christmas. Now I could send him to the blog but then he would see his drag queen picture and that, my friends, would be suicide. So, I told him we would need to go to Lowes for my gift. Yep, the woman needs tools!

"What do you need tools for?" he asked over and over. Finally I said "I need some things to make some new tombstones for the yard". [Blank look] "Ya know, for Halloween." [Cricket chirping] The poor guy just cannot get his brain around the fact that I like to make creepy stuff.

I've always been into Halloween but I will admit that he had no idea what he was signing on for when we married. I was mild back then. Now I'm a hardcore, everyday is Halloween, addict. I do this for a living but I know he's always wondering when I'll get over this Halloween thing. (I'm sure my mother thought I would outgrow it as well.)

Six hours later we arrived back home and we have still not made it to Lowes. I have to wonder if he's hoping I'll ask for something a bit more conventional if he gives me some time to think about it. The man would be thrilled if just for once I asked for a diamond earrings or something frivolous. No, I think I'll head out to Lowes this afternoon and pick up his gift for me. I'm sure I'll love it!


  1. i thought i was alone all this time! i got body parts for xmas last year! ;-)

  2. This is why I luv ya Suz! Body parts for Christmas - there's nothing better!


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