Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sharpen Your Halloween Nails

Being the Ghoulie Girl that I am I just love nails. I don't love my own nails which is why I trek to the salon once every 2-3 weeks for my acrylic nail fix. I love modern technology, especially the kind that makes me look better.

A few years ago I wanted something for Halloween besides the predictable black nails. My stylist came through and I had a candy corn look done with orange, white and yellow acrylic powder. (I love my stylist - waves "hey" to Christy!!)

There are so many fun things we girls can do with our nails from colored powders, to paint, to decals to nail jewelry. Makes me giddy just to think of it all!

With so many choices what's a Ghoulie Girl to do? We say try them all! Here are a few that may inspire you:

OPI is one of the hottest brands in nail color. Shown below: 2006 Ghouls Night Out! Collection (don't ya just love the name?!), 2007 Glow Out Nail Collection and 2008 Get In-Spider-ed. Each collection features 4 mini bottles of nail lacquer and a set of creepy decals. If you missed it fear not! OPI comes out the new collections every year and you can probably still find these (hint: think ebay).

Acrylic powders require a professional application but there are tons of options and your stylist can lead you in the right direction. If you look closely you can see my nails done with the powders (the crazy freak on the left is my stylist - see you become good friends when you get together over nails every couple of weeks):

Last but not least there is nail jewelry. This is where it really gets wild. These golden serpent rings from NY designer Jules Kim will set you back $830 for the set (ouch).

Don't panic! If it's sparkle you desire pick up some rhinestones, glitter and charms which are a heck of a lot cheaper and very easy to apply.

So Ghoulie Girls now you've got an excuse to go get your nails done! (And if you spring for the nail rings send us a pic.)

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