Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flicker Fun

The Lighting FX was a nifty little gadget in to which you could plug your lamps. It came with a CD, or you could use one of your own, and when you set your player near the machine the lights would flicker to the sounds or music.

I own a couple of these and they work pretty well. I don't think they are made any more as we haven't had them in stock for a few years and I often see people inquiring about them in Halloween forums. If you do come across one they usually have a hefty price tag.

If you missed out don't fret. Here's a how-to to make your own similar contraption:

There are also detailed instructions on the website.

P.S. They also made a Christmas version that features a tree instead of the lightning bolt. If you come across one at a yard sale you might want to snag it.

Haunt on!

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