Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Magic Of Monsters

This weekend we move our oldest off to college. He'll only be an hour and a half away but life as we know it is about to change. I teeter between excitement for him and pity for me.

In these days that lead up to him going off on his own I find my mind flashing back to various points along the way. His birth...his first day of school...his first Halloween, etc.

This bit of reminiscing has also caused me to revisit my youth. I was a child of privilege. I am a product of the generation that grew up when monsters were cool.

When I first started poking around the Halloween scene online and got to know others of like-mind I was delighted to see that many were in my age range. Oh, sure, there are the young guns out there that get into Halloween but we in our 40's, 50's and 60's were privileged to experience real Halloween magic.

Back in the day the back of many a magazine was littered with advertisements for monsters and other creepy goodness. In the 70's you could send away for your very own 7' tall monster with authentic glow-in-the dark eyes for only $1 (plus a 35¢ postage and handling fee).

picture source: My Monster Memories

How about a Do-It-Yourself Vampire Kit? Just a buck!

There were monster kits:

picture source: Unimonster's Crypt

Monster mags and comics:

And, TV offered Addams Family and The Munsters:

picture source: FanPop

I know that the further we get away from our childhood the more idyllic the memories become. Many of us in this age grew up during war, gas shortages, recession and more ugly stuff, but I still contend that it indeed was a magical time to be a child.

My boys grew up in a completely different monster culture but I made sure that they got a good dose. I hope I've done right by my sons and that one day, in the distant future, they too will feel that their childhood was magical.

Haunt on!


  1. I love all the retro monster stuff and I adore 'The Addams Family' in particular. I rewatch the entire series on DVD regularly and my son loves it, so I feel like I'm passing on the torch.

    Best wishes for your son's start to college. I still have a few years to go before I have to deal with that "horror", but I'm feeling your pain! ;)

    1. Thanks Little Gothic Horrors. I know I will survive this transition but it is, as you say, a "horror" for a parent ;-)

  2. Aw...I bet college is bittersweet. My oldest will be starting high school next week, and already I am dreading when she will no longer be here at the house on a daily basis. :o( Makes me sad just thinking about it. But remembering my own college days makes me excited for her too, just as said. College was FUN! Sending positive vibes to both he and you for the weekend. And I love your monster post, and I remember my older brother had magazines and comic books with all those ads on the back...those and ads for Sea Monkeys and other assorted nonsense. Those were the good ole' days! :o)

    1. Sea Monkeys! I always wanted some but my mom wouldn't let me have any. :-(

      Wishing your oldest a fun and successful high school career Wendy! Enjoy it, it goes by way too fast.


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