Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For The Love Of Vintage

I love vintage Halloween. Love, love, love it!! So much so that last Fall when I made-over my office I wanted to make good and sure that I had the perfect place to showcase a few of my favorite pieces.

I had the good fortune of visiting my fave second hand shop the day a beautiful hutch came in. I knew it would be perfect. I called the Hub and told him to brace himself that I was going to be spending some money, oh, and that I would need his help to haul this monster home, into the house and down a flight of stairs. Easy-peasy right?!

This piece is heavy! In the process of moving it down to it's new home Mr Ghoulie jammed a finger and I cut a gash in my knee. But hey, what's a little blood when we're talking Halloween?

Today it hosts some of my vintage collection in the hutch along with office supplies in the base. It's perfect!

A few weeks ago Mr Ghoulie and I were out at a flea market and stumbled upon a small vintage paper mache jack. He took one look at me as I cupped it in my hands and said, "You don't have one like that, you should get it". Well, you don't have to tell me twice! Here's my newest addition:

Most likely from the 1940's, this style is often referred to a Choir Boy. He's only about 5" high. He would have originally had a paper insert for the eyes and mouth and a wire handle. Mine is in rather rough shape but I couldn't pass him up for the price.

Haunt on!


  1. Pretty cool your hutch display too!

  2. Thanks Mark! I've really taken to him even if he is pretty beat up. Gotta rescue those Halloween treasures from the past.


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