Monday, August 6, 2012

My New Pet Has A Name!

On July 29th I reached out to the ghoulie community and asked if anyone could help name my newest pet. I decided to make it a contest thinking I would just be able to pick one of the names. Alas, the decision was too difficult so I called in some help.

First I printed out the blog avatar from everyone that made a suggestion. I placed them on my old Underwood typewriter for a photo op:

Then I dropped the avatars into my handy, dandy Brain Freeze cup which is carefully guarded by my in-office butler, Gravesly:

I asked Bucky to give me a hand and he did more than that! He gave me his whole arm:

He swished around inside the cup and promptly crawled into my French Flies box waving the winner in the air:

Congratulations to Mike from The Skull & The Pumpkin!

Mike actually had two suggestions for a name:

1. Vespertina
2. Batrick/Batricia (depending on gender)

I'm still not certain if it's a she or a he but I've decided to call her Batricia Vespertina. So, now my "vittle friend" has a first and last name.

Thanks Mike! Be sure to send me your mailing address so I can get you that little something-something.

Haunt on!


  1. Well I would have tried to come up with a name myself, but I liked Mike's choice of 'Vespertina' so much that I just had to put my own vote towards his. I think you made a great choice, and I loved Mike's name...fits perfectly!

    1. I agree Wendy - it's fits my little batty perfectly :)

  2. What a find, must have missed that post! Mike's names are very clever. Love Vespertina♥. Are you going to make a name plate?

    1. I am going to make a name plate Marilyn. I just haven't decided whether to do an aged paper or spring for an engraved metal.

      I think aged paper with the name and translation perhaps?


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