Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy Ghoul

So I've been busy reorganizing my studio this week when I have time around the regular work schedule. I've been going through bins of fabrics, tools, paper, canvas, etc - you name it I've sorted it. I don't know how one person can have so many craft and sewing supplies destined for Halloween projects. It crossed my mind that I could end up on an episode of Halloween Hoarders.

This has been a project I've worked on in tiny bits for an eternity. It's taking me so long that the hubby was starting to plant the seed that we should convert the room into something else. (Back off hubby!) It's not done yet but I can see the finish line. By this weekend I plan to be all settled in.

The walls in this room are covered in wallpaper. A stripe on the bottom and  a pattern on top with a golf motif boarder. Scary! It is the last room in the house with the decor choices of the previous owner. I can't take the time to deal with that so I did the next best thing and decided to get some stuff up on the walls.

You may recall a post regarding all the vintage plastic masks my mother had given me here. I wanted to put a few of these up on the wall but I didn't want to build or purchase shadow boxes so I came up with another solution.

I have a large, black, glassless frame so I hung it up. Then I took some mannequin faces I acquired years ago and put them on the wall. Slipped a few of the vintage masks over them and called it done.

The faces by themselves are even creepier.

Oh and look! Here are my happy monsters again:

Haunt on!


  1. I LOVE these! Clever girl for putting the frames around the masks!

  2. Nicely done. Can you come organize my office now :D


  3. Lulu it was really stupid luck. I needed a place to store the frame ;)

    You wouldn't want me organizing for you FQ. I'm sloooooooooow.


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