Friday, July 1, 2011

Ghoulie Tunes

A little late today but I hope these Ghoulie Tunes get you through the holiday weekend.

Starting off with a song familiar to Zombieland and Being Human fans. You're A Wolf by Sea Wolf:

One of my faves, Please Mr. Gravedigger by David Bowie


I can't help it - I love this duo. I picked a sad, slow one for you. Thirty Whacks by The Dresdon Dolls.


I'd hate to break my "off the beaten track" streak today so let's try this on for size. Darkwell with Suspiria.

Well I hope I hit something you like but just in case I'll throw in one more. Buried Alive by Creature Feature:


Haunt on!


  1. Great sound track....and I am supposed to have sun all weekend in NW - I am set!! Thanks!



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