Monday, July 11, 2011

Final Destination Unknown: Dry Ice

Another google search gone astray. I'm sure that by now you think I never actually get where I'm going. Not true! It's just that I never know where I'm going. I do eventually get there. I've decided to name these little trips along the internet highway as Final Destination Unknown.

So today's FDU is dry ice. I think most haunters have a love/hate relationship with dry ice. It's very cool but the satisfaction is fleeting. It's a mess and you have to wear gloves and it's expensive. I know that I, for one, am thankful that there's a whole plethora of other choices in the haunter's arsenal from foggers to misters.

The one thing a fogger or mister can't do for you is spook up a Halloween cocktail. I'm always leery of using dry ice in a punch mainly because I know my guests. I could post a flashing warning sign to be ultra careful but after a few cocktails I'm certain that I'd still have one numbskull who accidentally gives themselves a dry ice throat burn. Emergency room visits and potential permanent injury or death aren't usually part of my Halloween party agenda. I'm just saying.

And that brings us to our Final Destination. Check out this nifty solution:

Here's the 411 from the MistyStix website:

MistyStix are dryice swizzle sticks that create a misty fog effect in beverages. By loading MistyStix with dryice, your beverages become extraordinary and will delight guests of all ages with a fun visual experience.  A sure way to put a smile on a face, MistyStix are the last touch that will increase the allure of the drinks you serve.

Click the Dry Ice link on their site and you will find everything from Dry Ice 101 to recipes. They don't sell the dry ice but they do include a link to Dry Ice Express where you can order the dry ice nuggets.

Haunt on!

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  1. I am sold. Must have those. Thanks for sharing....gotta go...where did I put my credit card!?



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