Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sounds That Make You Shiver

I finally had a chance to go junking. Usually luck is not on my side as I'm pretty picky but today was a good day.

I picked up a rather unique and ornate vintage mirror frame (sans mirror), an old industrial crate and other smalls. My biggest score cost me a whopping $1.60 - including tax.

Pickwick's 1974 Sounds To Make You Shiver LP. Love this one! The artwork is fantastic. In fact there is so much going on on the front cover that it takes some time to identify all the creatures and ghoulish scenes. The back cover features a flaming skull and the LP itself also has has skull artwork.

This record is designed for Halloween fun - designed to make the chills run up your spine, and small children climb to the safety of their parents' laps.

Turn the record on and the lights out, then prepare for a visit to a haunted house, complete with banging shutters, eerie screams, the hoot of an owl, the squall of a cat, the growl of a dog... scraping chains, stealthy footsteps, howling winds, rain on the window pane, maniacal laughter, a witch's screech, moans and groans.

"Sounds to Make You Shiver" is an ideal record to play on Halloween night within earshot of the the front door - then you'll throw a little reverse fright into the tricks-or-treat gang of small fry in their sheets and masks.

Side one is dedicated to Visit to a Haunted House while the flip side has the individual sound effects.

If you're looking for this one it's pretty easy to find. Although I can't guarantee you'll snag it for a buck sixty.

Haunt on!


  1. This is fantastic! I just searched for it on Ebay and you really got a steal for yours! Great find!

  2. I had this as a kid and LOVED it! I think that I wore it out playing it so much. Ahhh, good memories!

  3. It's a CLASSIC! I've had it on my shelf for many, many years, 'though the one I have now is not the original I got when it came out (Mom bought it for us at The Treasury, a long-defunct dept store on the west coast). That copy went the way of the dodo, but I found the one I have some 25 years ago. Well worth finding. I'm pretty sure it's downloadable at any number of like-minded blogs and sharing sites.

  4. I also had this album growing's one of the things I search for at every thrift shop and garage sale...I will find it someday...thing I remember most is that b&w skull artwork on the record...great score.

  5. For those on the hunt - keep you're eyes peeled. I found this one in a used furniture store of all places. I didn't even know they had LPs. It was sitting on top of the heap which is good because I don't know that I would have waded through all the albums to see what they had. Of course I did go through them all after I saw this one but it was the only Halloween one in the bunch.

  6. After years of searching I do believe that the ratio of Halloween albums to Christmas albums is about 1 to a MegaBillionz. That's what my scientific research as revealed.......

  7. this is cool but how much is the original worth!!!


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