Friday, July 8, 2011

Ghoulie Tunes

It's Friday which means it's time to spin a few tunes from the Ghoulie vault. Let's see...what shall we play today?

Let's start off with Brains by Voltaire (live from the New York Anime Festival):

I've showcased this group before but this video is too fun to pass up. The Creepshow with Take My Hand:

I don't want to leave out the Team Jacob group so here's Werewolves by Corpse Show Creeps:

I just love this video! Ludo with Love Me Dead:

I wouldn't want you falling asleep so let's wrap up with Let The Bodies Hit The Floor by Drowning Pool:

Haunt on!


  1. Nice pick with Drowning Pool! And - like everyone - I miss Dave. He was the man. But did you know that Usher has a song about zombies coming back to life? Gives me the creeps everytime I hear it.

  2. Usher? Zombies? Uhhh...hmmm...dare I check it out?

    Glad you like the DP pick. Bodies gets played here on a regular basis - at full volume of course. RIP Dave.


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